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Feb 27 at 6:30pm.
“Medicare for All!
Not Medicare for Some!”
Ed Weisbart, MD

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Missourians for Single Payer
Health Care (MoSP)

is a non-profit, non-partisan statewide organization
of diverse individuals and groups whose purpose is to educate and
advocate for universal health care through a single payer program.

MoSP seeks to establish affordable, equitable and accessible
health care of the highest quality for all Missourians.

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Ed Weisbart: Protecting Americans from surprise medical costs

The debate over American health care coverage continues because Congress has failed to find an answer. Medicare ...

Breaking news: At the end of 2019, Congress failed to fix a major problem with American health insurance. This would be comically boring if so many lives and so much money were not at stake.

(Follow the link above to see Ed Weisbart's column in the St. Louis Post Dispatch)

St Louis Post-Dispatch Editorial: Reforming antiquated medical-coverage system would save lives — and money

Editorial: Reforming antiquated medical-coverage system would save lives...

Click on the image above to be taken to the full article in the St Louis Post-Dispatch
written by the Editorial Board.

"Compared to other advanced countries, Americans pay something like $8,000 a year per household in unnecessarily inflated costs under the nation's antiquated health care system. In exchange for what amounts to an inefficiency tax, Americans get worse medical outcomes than much of the developed world."

Single Payer
Universal Health Care

  • Guarantees Health Care for ALL Missourians, WITHOUT Exclusions!
  • Guarantees ALL Necessary Medical Services
  • Guarantees YOUR Right to Choose Your Own Doctor
  • Guarantees Simplicity - NO Premiums, NO Bills, NO Confusion!
  • Saves Money - Medical Costs Are PAID from a Single Nonprofit Public Fund
  • Gives Local Control - Administered by Fellow Citizens