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Missourians for Single Payer
Health Care (MoSP)

is a non-profit, non-partisan statewide organization
of diverse individuals and groups whose purpose is to educate and
advocate for universal health care through a single payer program.

MoSP seeks to establish affordable, equitable and accessible
health care of the highest quality for all Missourians.

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Hello Friends of Improved Medicare for All,

"Every woman, child and man 
should have healthcare in this land 
and now's the time to finally put it on the table!"

In an effort to encourage, motivate, and activate the millions of new and continuing advocates of Medicare for All to contact their congressional legislators @ 202-224-3121 and tell them to support Improved Medicare for All((H.R. 1384), the Mad as Hell Doctors are sponsoring WICKLINES'  "Medicare for All!" Music Promo(:60) on the #1 nationally-syndicated, progressive radio program in America, "The Thom Hartmann Program"!! 

YES, it's true! We are preaching to the choir and singing the praises of those who support expanding truly affordable, not for profit, quality, comprehensive, Improved Medicare for All of US (H.R. 1384)!!!  "Now is the time to put people before profit & human need before corporate greed!"  

We're serious!  After you listen to the song, the Mad as Hell Doctors and I ask you to follow the advice near the end!  "Contact your legislators and tell them to save Medicare as we know it and expand it into Medicare as we need it - Improved Medicare for All because your interests are special too!" 

After contacting your legislators, please do not hesitate to forward this email to family and friends who might appreciate a very simple, effective way to get actively involved.  

If you or your political action group might be interested in sponsoring your own radio ads with your own sponsorship tag at the end, feel free to use any of our attached or embedded, free to use "Medicare for All" music promos &/or "Now's the Time for We the People" Music Promo(:60) Please do not hesitate to use them in email/Facebook/other social media blasts, at events, in ZOOM meetings, etc. 

If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to call!!

WICKLINES' songs of concerns with suggestions for change and our non-political CDs are available @ wicklinefamilyandfriends.bandcamp.com    

"LET 'EM HEAR US!"(:30)


Bob Wickline
(253) 549-2468

Mad as Hell Dr. Mike Huntington
(541) 829-1182

Mad As Hell Dr. Samuel Metz
(503) 754 1329




Single Payer
Universal Health Care

  • Guarantees Health Care for ALL Missourians, WITHOUT Exclusions!
  • Guarantees ALL Necessary Medical Services
  • Guarantees YOUR Right to Choose Your Own Doctor
  • Guarantees Simplicity - NO Premiums, NO Bills, NO Confusion!
  • Saves Money - Medical Costs Are PAID from a Single Nonprofit Public Fund
  • Gives Local Control - Administered by Fellow Citizens