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August 16 - 6:30pM
Free summer movie:
“The Brainwashing
of My Dad”

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Missourians for Single Payer invites you to our free summer movie, The Brainwashing of my Dad ”, on Thursday, Aug 16, at 6:30 pm in the Hanke Room at The Ethical Society of St. Louis, 9001 Clayton Road. 

“The Brainwashing of My Dad” is a 2015 documentary film directed by Jen Senko. Jen Senko, a documentary filmmaker, looks at the rise of right-wing media through the lens of her WWII vet father who changed from a life-long, nonpolitical Democrat to an angry, right-wing fanatic after his discovery of talk radio on a lengthened commute to work. In trying to understand this, she not only finds this to be a phenomenon, but also uncovers some of the forces behind it. 

This documentary shines a light on how the media and the nation changed, and questions who owns the airwaves, what rights we have as listeners/watchers and what responsibility does our government have to keep the airwaves fair, accurate and accountable to the truth.

The film has an interesting segment on the neurology of the phenomenon, how alarm is addictive, how repetition of the same messages transforms the brain.

In addition to telling her own family’s story, Ms. Senko invited video submissions from others who have had similar experiences with loved ones, providing the film’s most heartfelt moments. The nastiness that has been brought out into the open by the recent presidential campaign demonstrates that hatred and suspicion are more endemic than a collection of personal stories suggests.
Ample parking is available behind the building by the back entrance. For cancellations due to extreme weather, check our website: www.mosp.us after 2 pm.