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Getting the Facts Straight on the Costs and Savings of Medicare for All June 2019

Who are the uninsured
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Med4All Resolutions: Talking Points for Local Government Officials and Media

St. Louis City Aldermen, with no debate, Unanimously Endorse a National Medicare for All bill pushed by U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders (May 13, 2022)

Medicare for All
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Events of Interest to MOSP Members

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You are invited to a Social Distancing outdoor

by Don Fitz

Cuba has a lower infant mortality rate and a longer life expectancy than does the US while spending about 5% per person annually on health care.  The book traces the development of health care in Cuba that made this possible.  Deaths from COVID-19 on July 15 numbered 135,991 in the US and 87 in Cuba.  Though its population is only 30 times that of Cuba, the US had 1,563 times as many deaths.

When:  6:30 pm, Saturday, July 25, 2020 or
6:30 pm, Sunday, July 26, 2020

(Due to more than 30 people signing up, in order to keep social distancing, we are offering two dates, COME EITHER)
Where: 714 Harvard, University City 63130

Please reply to fitzdon@aol.com with …
__ I prefer to come Saturday, July 25
__ I prefer to come Sunday, July 26
__ I can come either day, so email me which day I should be there.

To get to 714 Harvard, go north from Delmar onto Trinity; in a few hundred yards it splits into Trinity and Harvard; stay to the right to be on Harvard; and we will be at the first house on the right. Call 314-308-6899 or 314-727-8554 if you get lost.

Social distancing guidelines 
1. You must wear a mask for this outdoor event.
2. You must keep a distance of at least 6 feet from non-family
3. Please bring a bag for your $26 book.  The author will
ask what note you would like on the inside cover and place
 it in your bag after signing the book.  You can take it out of
the bag 24 hours later without having human contact.
4. The yard should accommodate 30 people practicing
social distancing.  This means that you must RSVP via
the email below
 if you plan to come and say how many
people will be with you.  If the number of all coming
exceeds 30, you will be sent an email asking if you prefer
to join us on Sat July 25 or Sun July 26.
5. Feel free to use the hand sanitizer that will be on a table.
6. If you have a fever > 100.4 F or you feel sick the day
of the event, call or email [below] and tell us who you are
and that will not be able to come.

Can you bring a lawn chair to sit on?

A few words of inspiration from …
Zaki Baruti, Mimi Signor RN, Gary Gaddis MD, Don Fitz

Sponsored by the …
Green Party of St. Louis, Universal African
Peoples Organization, Missourians for Single Payer

For information, directions, or cancellations,
email fitzdon@aol.com or call 314-727-8554.