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Below are the latest
Fact Sheets, Talking Points and information about Medicare for All.
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Getting the Facts Straight on the Costs and Savings of Medicare for All June 2019

Who are the uninsured
in Missouri?

Med4All Resolutions: Talking Points for Local Government Officials and Media

St. Louis City Aldermen, with no debate, Unanimously Endorse a National Medicare for All bill pushed by U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders (May 13, 2022)

Medicare for All
Bill of 2022





Dear single payer advocates:

Missourians for Single Payer, or MoSP, established in 1990 as a state non-profit advocacy organization, has changed to a more relevant, contemporary model for advocacy. MoSP, a people’s movement, continues to educate and advocate for universal health care through a single payer program.
MoSP coordinates with national single payer organizations, Physicians for a National Health Program www.pnhp.org and Healthcare NOW www.healthcare-now.org, and coalesce with national organizations who advocate for single payer as a priority goal, such as Public Citizen www.citizen.org and National Nurses United www.nationalnursesunited.org, and other state and local organizations. 

Don Ford, Webmaster and Group Email Editor, Pamella Gronemeyer, MD, and Mimi Sorkin, RN, will communicate information regarding single payer programs, actions and activities through the MoSP announcement email list, its website www.mosp.us and its MoSP Facebook page. Look there for opportunities for you to be leaders in the MoSP people’s movement for universal single payer health care for the benefit of all people.

To sign up for the MoSP email list leave a message HERE requesting your email be added to future announcements.

Yours in health,
Don Ford, Pam Gronemeyer and Mimi Sorkin